Pieces developed with special alloys and a strict quality control to be applied at all stages of the production process.


  • Tips, adapters, corners and shoes for all types of blades.
  • Harrows, lips and cutters.
  • Wheels, racks, hitch tubes and parts for mine cars.


  • Concave lips and wear liners for gyratory crushers.
  • Bowl liners, mantles, and other wear parts for cone crushers.
  • Wheels, side plates, toggles and other parts for jaw crusher.
  • Covers and grates for mills.
  • Boxes and drivers.
  • Ingot moulds, laboratory milling machines and pots.

Smelter and Refinery

  • Pots, ladles and ingot mold.
  • Burners, nozzles and other parts for converters.
  • Parts for roasting machinery.
  • Wheels, flanges, gears.
  • Links and grills.