The 7 ton per hour and 15 ton per hour continuous mixers which use the sand-resin system PEP SET – QUANTUM (a phenol-urethane system with three ASK-BRASIL components) have unique advantages for the piece’s finish and for the dimensional tolerance during casting process.
It’s also the most eco-friendly due to its reduced odor and smoke output and has also the highest sand-recovery rate ( 95%). Its sturdy build allows dispensing molding boxes, thus considerably reducing volume and weight in the smelting process. This in turn helps us improve delivery times.
The PEP SET system is the most advanced in the world and Fundición Ferrosa has set up the most complete sand laboratory in the country. We have a semi-mechanized 2 ton molding and paint LUP System per shift and a manual molding part line for volumes higher than 5 tons per shift.