Fundición Ferrosa specializes in producing parts made out of Abrasion Resistant Steel and Ferrous Alloys, Refractory Steels and Gray and Nodular Iron for the mining, cement, earthmoving and metal mechanic industries. We meet international quality standards as required by our ISO 9001-2008 certification.

We have four induction furnaces and three electric ones (supplied with PLC control), quenching pools with steam dissipation and cooling tower for tempering and hyper tempering, a fan system for forced air tempering and a modeling shop. A German spectrometer is used to analyze chemical composition of steel, ferrous alloys, bronze and aluminum. The sand recovery system works at a 6 TPH and the resin-sand mixers at 7 and 15 TPH rates.

High product-quality is achieved by our MO and the calibrated measuring tools we use. All relevant parameters are checked with the help of sand-control and test labs where we conduct Metallographic, Traction and Impact (Charpy method) testings and other nondestructive procedures: Liquid Penetrant, Magnetic Particles, Ultrasound, and Hardness probes.

Fundición Ferrosa’s Engineering and Development Department makes use of several softwares:

ROCKY (discreet elements simulation), SOLIDCAST (melted metal pouring) and INVENTOR (3D simulation and stress analysis). We constantly provide ways to optimize designs, alloys and wear-and-tear profiles.

Fundición Ferrosa pledges to constantly improve its processes and resources and to abide by all regulations related to our activities, the well being of our human resources, the environment, our internal requirements, confidentiality and other contractual obligations. All this is openly released for the knowledge, comprehension, observance and understanding of everyone involved.