Fundición Ferrosa, leader enterprise in the foundry sector, manufactures pieces in high resistance and refractory steels, as well as grey and nodular iron for several industries such as cement, mining, metal-mechanic and earth movement among others, to obtain the full satisfaction of our shareholders and clients. We constantly improve our processes and resources.

A prime concern of our company is the prevention of injuries and work-related afflictions among our employees and other work-related persons. We promote a safe, risk-free and pleasant work environment.

Fundición Ferrosa pledges to constantly improve its processes and resources and to abide by all regulations related to our activities, the well being of our human resources and the environment,

By abiding to all signed accords and norms, we guarantee the efficiency and constant improvement of our Integrated Management System, sustainable development and social responsibility. We promote competitiveness and at the same time involvement and counsel from our collaborators and groups of interest.