Foundry Lima

FOUNDRY FERROSA-FOUNDRY LIMA produces pieces in irons and anti-wear steels, refractory steels, gray and nodular irons for the mining, cement, earthmoving and metal-mechanical industries, among others, with international quality standards under ISO 9001: 2008

We have four induction furnaces, three electric furnaces for heat treatment with PLC control, water pools with steam dispersion system and cooling tower for Temple and Hipertemple and fan system for forced air tempering. We also have a Modeler workshop, a German spectrometer for the analysis of chemical composition for steels, irons, bronzes and aluminum; a sand recovery system of 5 tons per hour, two resin sand mixers of 15 and 7 tons per hour.

The quality of our products is assured with calibrated measuring procedures and equipment that verify all the necessary parameters to have a high quality product, assisted by a laboratory for sand control. The quality control is complemented by a testing laboratory such as Metallography, Traction and Impact (Charpy method), non-destructive tests such as Penetrating Dyes, Magnetic Particles, Ultrasound, Dimensional and Hardness.

The Engineering and Development area of ​​ FOUNDRY FERROSA- FOUNDRY LIMA has the software ROCKY (simulation of discrete elements), SOLIDCAST (simulation of casting) and INVENTOR (3D simulation and analysis of efforts), developing integral proposals of optimization of designs, alloys and wear profiles.

 FOUNDRY FERROSA- FOUNDRY LIMA was founded on October 30, 1967.

From 1974 to 1991 our main products were discs and brake drums (we produced up to 2000 pieces per month) for the TOYOTA, VOLKSWAGEN, SCANIA and VOLVO assemblers.

In the year 1991, we changed the productive system. The plant that initially used green sand and had automatic molding machines was replaced by the Molding system in Resin PEP SET with high production Continuous Mixers.

Since 1996 we are dedicated to the manufacture of steels and special irons in induction furnaces, to take our product lines to other markets.
 FOUNDRY FERROSA- FOUNDRY LIMA, a leading company in the foundry sector, produces pieces of wear steels, refractory steels, gray and nodular irons for the cement, mining, metal-mechanic and earthmoving industries, among others, in order to seek full satisfaction of our shareholders, customers and workers with full commitment to environmental management and social responsibility.

We will be the solution in foundry products for our clients, looking for the optimization of our processes and resources, with the full awareness and involvement of our workers.
Our commitment to our customers and collaborators is characterized by a permanent respect for the word committed, not to attempt against their interests that materialize in the operations and negotiations we carry out.

We are known for maintaining an open door policy, respecting the opinions and rights of our workers; promoting group work inside and outside our facilities.

We promote the joint effort in harmony of our managers and workers, taking advantage of their attitudes and capabilities, to achieve our objectives.

Social responsability:

We contribute to the development of our workers, their families and neighbors, respecting their ethnic and cultural diversity through a system of inclusion and participation that involves our customers, suppliers and other interest groups.

Environmental Protection:
We respect biodiversity and the right of the population to have a healthy environment, through our activities, quality products and international standards, promoting a sustainable environmental culture of our workers, suppliers, customers and other interest groups.