Our commitment to our clients and collaborators is characterized by a permanent respect for the pledged word, not attempting against their interests that materialize in the operations and negotiations that we carry out.


We are known for maintaining an open door policy, respecting the opinions and rights of our workers; promoting group work inside and outside our facilities.


We promote the joint effort in harmony of our managers and workers, taking advantage of their attitudes and abilities, to achieve our objectives.

Social responsability

We contribute to the development of our workers, their families and neighbors, respecting their ethnic and cultural diversity through a system of inclusion and participation that involves our clients, suppliers and other interest groups.

Environmental Protection

We respect biodiversity and the right of the population to have a healthy environment, through our activities, quality products and international standards, promoting a sustainable environmental culture of our workers, suppliers, customers and other stakeholders.

FUNDICIÓN FERROSA, with more than 55 years in the market, produces wear-resistant iron and steel parts for the mining, cement and earthmoving industries, with international quality standards under the ISO 9001:2015 standard.





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